June 30, 2009


30 june 2009;

hey3! my daily routine again. hahahah!! then went 860. then in class dun want to recall!! then had a boring day! blah3. then home!!! =)

29 june 2009;

ho3!!!!!!!!!!!! WENT BCK TO SCH!!!!!!!!!!!! hey ho all!!!!!!!!!! huhu! miss u guys. hahahha!!! then daily routine. tros. done! nthg much. huhu! then somethg happened! 20.34 huh.. huhu!

28 june 2009;
hey ho! woke up at 3 am! omg! heard weird stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! F**K!! hahahha!! then mandi. huhu! then siap. blah3. then eat breakfast. tros went up the bus. then reached there, show was OVER. hahahha!!! then went back to sch. otw, slept. thn wash up. went to kfc to eat. then went 860 with them. blah3. tros went home. sleep. thn woke up. the sleep again.=)

27 june 2009;

hey. woke up at 7.30a.m. blah3. the head for sch! omg! hahahha!!! damn excited la sey!!! hahahha!!!! reached. meet d sec ones. then down to business. huhu! had icebreaker games. then lunch. then a few practices. huhu! then head to kallang waterfront for rehearsal. then went bck to sch. jad dineer. then watch up. huhu! had our farewell party. didnt had my share of pizza. coz didnt eat.=). some people just knew it. ahhahah!! then up to AVA to sleep. had hamburger. went down to take. damn dark la sey our sch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhaha!!! no joke! hahah!! then watch white chick. thn off to bed.=)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

June 26, 2009


Science (Lab)
Liu YunMan (Ms)

Ang Chee (Mdm)/ Chia We Kock/ Lim Siew Ly (Ms)

Siti Nurhani (Ms)/ Yuana bte Muhammad ( Mdm)

Azlina bte Muslimin (Mdm)/ Santhi Krishnasamy (Mrs)/ ZA Teo Wee Sing/ ZZ Trainee_Samson/ Liu YunMan (Ms)/ Tay Wee Leong



ZA Afizah (Mdm)

Abdol Rahim

Pauline Chan (from Aug)


Siti Nurasyikin (Ms)


Tan Ying Hwee (Ms)/ Ang Hui Bin (Miss)

Abdol Rahim

ZZ IT trainer

Stacey Low (Ms)

multi purpose. hahaha!!!

26 june;
hey. stayed at home. didnt go lib with them. sume last min do hmwk ehk?... bad2!! hahhaha!!! jkjk. but last min go out. went 860, meet farah, nai, moo, mitot. went gp buy smthg for 2mrw. then lepak at 860 jap. hahahha!!! tros head for home. srry ehk to someone. im juz joking. heheh. but i lyk d way u react!!! hahahah!!!;) im excited abt the camp. toddles!

25 june;

hey ho! got rehearsal today. hahah!!! chg2 step. cool!!!!! hahha!! then got our camp tshirt! hahah!! lawa... hehheh. then aft everythg, got prac. chg song again!! naseb step tk tukar. hahahha!! bt damn fast d song!! n the steps damn confusing!!! i cant seem to get it!!!!!!!!! huhu.;(. went lepak. thn ida,ain n mel came. hahha!! kecoh la sey!!! went home. thn go vivo! hahah1!! sempat!.=)

24 june;
hey3!! got malay dnc prac on 24 june. was daaaaammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn tiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!! trist me. its true. hahha! learn a new dnc. i prefer d old dance. but ckgu kate ape enta. thn chg.. huhu... hmm... ustzah sket. no ngaji. then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.......

June 23, 2009


hey. tman farah go pm. shopping. hahah!! for her camp.-.-" hahhaha!!! byk bende awkward!!hahah!! inside joke between me and farah. hahah!!! kekek!! kk. shuddup mira. haha!!! dw ajk go ecp. srry yer krg tk dpt g. last min oi. so mls! hahahha!!! srry. someone ajk me go pool. srry tk dpt ikot. ... and nai ajk go lib. thn tk rply. hahhaha!!! gd... nvm. i guess uve found a teman. hahah! lepak at gek poh mc. then 860. went pasar malam. they bought tokoyaki. hahahha!! lepak with yana jap. storytelling. huhu! then meet sis and bro. went pasar malam again. buy things. then head for home. man saw me. but.. hmm... srry! heheh! and... im damn excited about the camp and our performances!!! yippe!!! heheh. till then, chaos.!;)

June 22, 2009

had malay dance prac. was damn tired! then went to 860. discuss abt mly dnc thing. then dance3. memorize steps. hahaha!!! BUROK!! hahah!!! nvm. prac makes perfect. go3!! had blister. then dnc hannah montana!! hahah!! recorded! hahah!!! k lame. ZZZZZZZZZZZ....

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase


I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along


June 21, 2009

life is unfair

hey. its d hour when i accpted him. haiz. i seem to rmbr u everynight b4 i cn get to slp. haiya! wth mira! i dont knw y la ehk. hmm... k wateva it is. i wnt let tis effect my studies, life, future. urgh! y must i always lie?! k. im fine. nvm. i miss you. there! i said it. haiz.

its all a misundrstnding okay... u dont even know and notice tat. bt end up u will put d blame on me. i tried to help bt u didnt knw tat. i didnt step in to to broke u guys up. but help ang guide the both of u alng. instd, u tot it was a lie... haiz. im sick of all tis okay?... i tried to help but i ended up to b d blame of it. haiz... had enough!

June 20, 2009


i dunno why. but i felt like posting this. hehe. life been boring i tell you...;(

The Power of light,
the cover found by night.

Questions with no answers,
often betrayed by sight.

Truth is often lost,
hearts do pay the cost.

Reality no longer felt,
all the cards have been delt.

Fading fast but burning bright,
once a game is now a fight.

Desperatley longing to hold love near,
accepting the deamons and things you most fear.

Trying hard to embrase the life that you know,
Having the courage to finally let go.

June 19, 2009


hey. its the date. haiz. its kinda sad. but im strong! yay. hey. im alright okay. cn u tell?... i dont think you even care. okay. just letting it out okay. it starts here and ends here. goodbye.

i found it. and i think it suits me;

but he once told me I was his truelove.
He stole my heart and lit my flame.
I'd sell my soul for such passion again.
I have grown cold since he left me.
Although it's been two months and a week,
when I hear his name I still get weak.
I used to love the game of chance,

but now I hide myself away from romance.
I used to embrace love for what it was;
now I find myself running from love.

Love, rage and anger leave me torn apart,
but I will avenge my broken heart.
I used to burn in his flame,
and I promise I will again.

June 17, 2009


hey. woke up at 2.30p.m just now. maot pe. huhu. watch loads of disc. haha!! nthg better to do. heheh. thn went ngaji. mcm tkde life oi pat umah!!! haha!! but damn lazy to go out la sey.

hmm... n i wanna say sorry if ive made u terase yaww. hmm............... im just sorry. i guess you're really not in the mood to hear my explaination now. im just sorry. if you dont wish to communicate with me anymore, its okay. it has been a good experience knowing, helping you, joking with you and disturbing you. haiz. im sorry if my words are harsh. im just sorry. i have nothing else to say or done. but sorry. suddenly i felt like im a bad person whom u shdnt meet. haish. gdnite. n sorry. and best wishes to you. on ur future with her. tc. ;( but u shd knw tat Ive help you with sincerity.

what my horoscope say about me... hmm...;

Go ahead and tell people what you think, even if you've suddenly realized that it's going to startle them. Your list of priorities has changed -- and changed drastically, too -- just over the past few days, or even hours. It's not all that odd. All it takes is one event to see things clearly, and that may be what's happened to you now. Announce your new attitude to everyone, and don't worry about their feelings. Think about your own for a change.

June 16, 2009


hey. currently just blogging and editting pics. went to central and gek poh jek. bought thgs for my mum. huhu. with farah. tu jek. done.

recently, i felt like im in a very dangerous situation. i just dont want people to think diff. im just trying to help here. dont you worry. i dont intend to do anythg else other than helping. i have my limts yaww. i just hope things will get right soon. and sorry if ive made you feel guilty. i undrstd ur doings. but hey. have ur limits aye?... tc.



hey3. went to sentosa to celebrate MOO bday. huhu. was suppose to meet everyone at 10a.m. but i was late. 10 then i wake up. hahhahah!!! sorry farah. then meet mimie and yana. took bus then meet the twins. saw some sec 3 ppl. then head to mcdonlad. bought the cake then head to pio station. meet MOO. then surprise her. head for sentosa. eat. had fun then home. nothing much. had a jolly good day there. reached home at 10.30p.m?? i guess. ZZZZZZZ...;)

June 14, 2009

it was fun i tell you.

hey3. went to primary school outing la sey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gerek nk mampos. huhu. k. let me start. we went to vivo. i meet mimie at gek poh first. then walkd to jp. tunggukn laki2 tu, sempat g jp!!! meet Amalina and Nadiah. then walked around jp. jln2. meet the boys at int. at last, drg naik bus la pule. hahah!! we took mrt. meet at Banquet. at eating, proceed to the roof. lepk2. thn cam whore. huhu. A fren of ari came along and lepak with us skejap. hahah!! then when they went to pray, the girls went to BEN AND JERRY. Amalina's treat. then saw Athirah. hahah!! wit her sis. then eat banana split. then eat3. missed the sun set. tros went up. go arcade!!! hahahha!!! the tomboish side of us. huhu. Amalina pay 10 for the card. then top up3. hahha! left 5o cents. hahha!! keep the change. hahah!! then went to meet the boys. they treat us ice cream la sey. again!! hahaha!! then i didnt eat. wrg flavor. hahha!!! izzul eat. then talk2. TRUE OR DARE. hahah!!! become. DARE OR THERE. hahah!! nvm. inside joke. wakakaka!!! then head for home at 9.30pm. satu2 mak dh kol. hahha!! cute oi!! hahahah!! then walk to MRT.

in the train,kecoh!!! gerek urr. hahah!! then ari and THE GERLS get down at jurong east. Ari cntinue his journey to woodlands while we took the tzxi. sent mimie, me and nadiah and amalina. hahha!! got home. wash up. done.=)

While tdy, went to ECP. dad work's company got fam day. was boring. but cool. hahhaha!!! admit. then head for home. nmpk aidil n lex. hahah!! took taxi. wah! i was like slpping!!! hahha!!! cool3. thn cntinue my nap at home. woke up at 8. hahha!! watched movie. thn blogging.