March 29, 2011

Homework-free! Too bored. :P

Did this for him. ^^

Cool!!! Sounds complicating!!! Me likey!!!!! HAHAH!!!

True!!! HAHAH!!! 90% is about you!! ^^

Nice........... Everything can be explained by Science?? -.-

True enough. ^^

Don't ignore me please. ^^

Awwwwwww........ ^^

Hmmmmmmmmmm....... :/

YA!!!!!!!!! Why?? Can you explain to me? :P

True!! ^^

Cool!!! I'll use you, GRAMMAR. :D

Because it's too cute. :P!

..............(I don't know what to type. HAHAH!!!)

OMG!!! I like this scenery!!!!!!! ALOT!!! Because I simply LOVE looking and admiring the Full moon or the rain. It clams me down. :D

I'm sorry. In case I've hurt you in any way and not realizing it. But I'm sorry. :)

How I wish. I can see your cute face. :P. But it's just not REALISTIC. :P!! HEHE!!! But it's okay. Hearing your voice is good enough. ;D


Gosh! Cool! HAHAH!!! I did part of it. HAHAH!!

HAHAH!! Due to me being a sleepyhead, I can simply sleep anywhere. My bed, in your arms or on the sofa. :P. I can even sleep when I'm typing la! HAHAHAH!!1 GOODNESS!!!

YOU. <3

YES! You should! :P

Understand it. Study it. Memorize it. Believe it. Cause it's true. :)

HAHAH!!!!!!!! Nice~

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW......... Can you be this sweet? :P

I am. :/. Don't ask me why. I don't know. It's just a feeling. :)

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cute the cheeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I pinch it??!!! Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!! Cheek-addict. :P

Yesterday during CIP. ;D (Jurong Central Park)

So cute! ^^

March 26, 2011


Hey! Just got back from Futsal Tournament!! HAHAHA!!!! Reached home, bathed, slept la of course. XD. Just woke up. ^^. Whatever it is, it was a tiring day. HAHAH!! Waking up at 6am to reach Fico at 7.15a.m. Thankfully, I'm not late! HAHAH!! Meet Bronson and his friends at Boon Lay Interchange and off to Fico. ^^. Mainly because I don't know how to get there. HAHAH!! JOKE! So yea. Got there. Did some admin stuff... Blah3. Then the tournament started! HAHAH!!! It was so............... Fun? Interesting? Scary? Boring? Tough? I don't know. But there are alot of mixed feelings when watching the matches. HAHAH!! But it was a fun experience. :D. The only regret was not playing it. HAHAH!!! We, SL, already look like a team. But we can't play. HAHAH!! Sadded. :P! AHAHAH!!! After the tournament, off to Jurong Point with you and your cliques. Ate at KFC. ^^. Then went to Centris. HAHAHA!! Joke~. Went back home directly after that. Planned to go Pioneer Secondary School to watch MVFC mathc. But Sister changed her mind. So............. Slept at brother's room.-.-. Due to room being locked.-.-. But most importantly, today, WE WORE OUR NUMBER! 10~. YAY!!! And we took pictures! HAHAHAH!!! Kind of a rare thing for you to do. But I'm happy!! ^^. But you're in pain now. Pity you. Have a good rest! ^^. But you manage to score 4 goals in the tournament which is GOOD!! ^^.