June 28, 2011

You're driving me insane with your absence.

This got to be a very bad day for me. It's been 3 days I didn't see/meet/hear your voice.:'(. Not being worried is just impossible. Similarly for not missing you...;(. It would have been six days if I were not to meet you for 2 hours the other day at GekPoh. Feeling terrible right now. Gosh............... Please. Come back quick. :(. Pretty please?? Knowing that your parents are bringing you to the hospital made it all............................. Speechless?? The thing I feared is happening to you right now. How I wish I could be there for you............. ;'(. Now you're waiting for your blood test and X-ray results......... Lets at least hope for the best.............. ;'(.
p..s; waiting for your text............................ 

June 26, 2011

Oh no! You're sick.:/

Another Cool fact!

How to make your brain cells more active?
1. Involve one or more of your senses in a novel context.
 You can use additional senses to do an ordinary task by blunting the sense normally used.
-Get dressed for work or take a shower with your eyes closed. Eat a meal with your family in silence. Use only visual cues.
- Listening to a specific piece of music while smelling a particular aroma.
Engage your attention.
To stand out from the background of everyday activities something has to be unusual, fun, surprising or evoke one of your basic emotions like happiness, love or anger
- Go camping for the weekend.
Take your child, spouse or parent to your work for the day.
Break a routine activity in an unexpected, novel way
-Take a completely new route to work. Shop at a farmer's market instead of a supermarket. Completely rearrange your office and desktop

Cool fact!

Eating regularly - three meals a day - helps you to concentrate. Snack on walnuts and seeds.
Try bacon and eggs for breakfast for a good mood throughout the day. Almonds and edamame beans are also good.
A single espresso will boost your alertness, but a double will just make you anxious and muddle your thinking.
Eggs could make a real difference to your memory. Eat them regularly.
Try to limit your habit. Or try other sorts of dopamine-boosting activities such as exercise or socialising.


9 years of friendship ♥


My nenek/grandmother :D


My bestest 10 years friend, Nur Sarmira Filzah ♥

We represented our sch for some event at marina, that's why we're in our blazers at such place.


If I were to get lost on some island and have adventures and get back home safely with someone, it'd be with you. ♥

Coming soon. :P

Hey hey hey!!!! Tomorrow is the start of a new semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh!!! Os are nearing!! Really!! HAHAHAH!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm............... I'm so need-ing to change for the better. ^^. And yea................. Parents-Teacher Interaction is nearing as well... And it's on the 1 July!!! Booooooooooooooooooo...... Teehee!!!! I've got nothing much to say actually. ^^. So yea! Till next time! :P

June 23, 2011


Being sick is the most irritating thing that can happen. HAHAH!!! There's so many things you can't eat. Annoying. :P! And yea. Just now, in the morning, there was a very loud and scary thunder!!! I was awakened by it! IMAGINE!!! ME. AWAKENED BY A THUNDER. :P. Was really scary......... :/


GOSH!!!!! Can I have this?? :(. 

SO CUTE RIGHT???!!! I KNOW!!!!!! Heeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute right??? (I know it's weird for me to say this. But look at the cheeks!!!!!) :P!

So cute! ;D

So cute?? :P!

Cool huh?? :P!!!


Even cats can be sweet. ;D

June 18, 2011


The other at Nai's crib. ;D