December 30, 2010

Love Love Love

Maher Zain. ;D

I'm fine. :D

Hair gone.

Now his gorgeous hair is gone! :(. Sadded! AHAHA!! He donated his hair to charity. Good! :D. A good deed. ;D


Omg. The timetable is out. Gosh. Homeworks still not fully done. :O! Gosh!! Trouble!!! But the most important thing is, MS AZLINA is gonna be our form teacher again! :D

Zoo. ^^

Went to Singapore Zoological Garden! :D. Hee!! Entrance was free, tram was free, even the scooter was free. But the scooter was Rascal's. HAHAH!! We TOMPANG. ^^. Cool shit! HAHAH!! Even though we start entering around 4, we had loads of fun!!! It rained for some time. But that didn't stop us. :). Hee! Was so fun!!! :DD.

Thanks Syarmmimie Roza for the invitation. :)
Thanks Sharul Rafizi for the entrance. :D
Thanks Halim(??) for the Tram ride. XD
Thanks Rascals for the Scooter. HAHA!! ^^