June 30, 2010


This picture. Memories.;D

The rain

Loved the rain earlier. It just clams my thoughts and keeps my mind peaceful. Stress seems to fade when i see the rain pitter-pattering on the ground. So calming. Loving it.=)

For some people.

For you;
What a mystery love is,

I thought that it wouldn't happen again
But I was wrong
I'm here again writing
Writing about how I feel
I fell again

I have a bit of a crush on you
And that's all I got to say
Why did it happen?
I do not know
Do I regret it?
No I don't
Don't judge me for what I'm saying
But some how I find myself liking you
I don't know how it happened
But I do hope I can maintain this friendship of ours.
And now Im saying to you
I have this crush on you
And there's nothing I can do about it
I've tried not feeling this way
But I can't help it
So for now I'll admire him from afar
But what i know, you will NEVER feel the same way.
Maybe I will retain this rush
Till then I'll contain my crush.

For you;
You may see me struggle

but you won't see me fall.
Regardless if I'm weak or not I'm going to stand tall.
Everyone says life is easy
but truly living it is not.
times get hard,
people struggle
and constantly get put on the spot.
I'm going to wear the biggest smile
even though I want to cry.
I'm going to fight to live
even though I'm destined to die.
and even though it's hard and I may struggle through it all.
you see me struggle...you will NEVER see me fall.

June 29, 2010


We should be in an awesome dream together. ;)

Something isnt right here. Just something that i know is hiding its truth. It makes me wonder alot. Made me go HUHUGAGA alot as well. But no one knows whether its for the RIGHT reason or not. Hmmmm. It hard you see to erase something that is still new in your head.;D. First, you got me into this. Ever since Secondary 1 is fun enough. Perhaps you're my Troy Bolton.;D. Hee. Simply everything about you suits with him in the movie.;D. A thought of you came by when i was about to go to my nap just now. Gosh!!!!!! So cute!!!!!!!! Nai!!!!!!!!! HELP!! XD. Liking this feeling. But its irritating me!!!!!!!!!! Physics test 2mrw. Im not prepared at ALL!!!!!! Gosh. Better go i guess. Loving you guys.;D

16 June, 28 June.

June 28, 2010

California Girls

If i had you

Jokes people.

Hey there. Its the first day of school today!!!! Heee!! Guess what?! Its a good start. ;D. So many epic moments happening!!! HAHHA!!! Weirdos. HAHAH!!! And yea. Hoping that it was you. BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Cheat my feelings only.;(((. HAHAH!! After school, went to hang out with Nai, Mitot and Yanty.=D. Had a hell lot of fun!!!! Cant stand laughing to someone's jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Robin the Hood" betol. HAHAH!!! Aku tukar Statuce baru tau... HAHAH!!! Jokes!!!!!!!!!! XD. Mitot2.... Had a very "tiring" dancing class with Nadia. HAHAH!! Sorry. Videos are personal. XD. HAHAH!!! See it life from my phone!!! HAHAHA!! To nai; 4.53pm.- Should have been the greatest moment in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;D. I missed that. ALOT!!!. ;(((((((((. Hug me anyone?? I need love too. HAHAHHA!!!!!!!!! Im done i guess. XD. " I do2!!!" XD. Jokes people. XD.

June 26, 2010


Today, finish up some homework. Went to Gek Poh to buy somethings.;D. Hee. Then got home, did some Karaoke with Sister after watching Avatar Marathon. HAHAH!! Sorry if the sky turned dark. HAHAH!! Currently just ended our Karaoke session. HAHAH!! Off to bed i guess?? HAHA!!
P.s; Its the full moon. Just the way i admired it.;D

Time table


Jogging partner

You got urself a jogging partner.XD