October 31, 2010

Start wondering

DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love


Cali, Cali, Cali

Family Day.

On Friday, a record was broken. HAHHA!! Went for Raushan's Award Ceremony. HAHHA!! Then got home, waited for Dad. As soon as Dad got home, the whole family went to Gek Poh to eat. Around 2am then we got home. The whole family accept for Mum, played Taiti. Not noticing the time AT ALL!!! The next thing we got to know was, its already 6am.... Eventhough we are not sleepy as yet, we went to sleep. Woke up at 12pm. Then we get ourselves ready to go for cycling together as a family. Without Mum. As she is working. We started our journey to West Coast at 2pm. Reached at 4.30pm. HAHAHA!! Due to changes of routes. There were so many constructions here and there. Kinda irritating. HAHA!! We fly our kite. Then, continued with frisbee. HAHA!! Ate at McDonalds. Started our journey back home at 7pm. Got home at 8.30pm. At least better. XD

October 29, 2010

Extended term

Extended term have started.

October 24, 2010


Hey! Just got home from my Leadership Camp, YLC 7 which is held at Ngee Ann Poly Camp. HEE!!! Eventhough its my second time going to YLC camp, it is still as fun as before. But hey! I was in Vikings the year before but this year, i was in NINJA!!!! :DDD. HEHEH!!! It was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The SLs were so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Irsyad, Ella, Magdalene, Yoon Jung, Olga, Gavin, Shaun.) I simply love them!!!!!!!!!!=DDD

This camp have really thought me alot of useful skills that can actually be used in my daily life and my future. Apart from having the most wonderful trainers, Student Leaders, food, place to stay and all, THE CAMP IS SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR FUN eventhough its the second time I'm part of it. I enjoyed both of it. Being Vikings or Ninjas, it does'nt really matter. ;D. I had fun.;D

October 20, 2010


Whoa. Today got back some results. DAMN IT! Dont even care to ask how I did. SIGH!!!!!!!!! Bye.

20.10.2010. XD (The day before)

Yesterday, went to Jurong East Swimming Complex. Hee!!! Kecoh!!! But fun at the same time!!! ;DD. Heheh! In the morning, woke up and went to watch what was on the television. Then, a loud thunder woke my brother up and made him ran out of bed immediately. Literally. XD. DAMN FUNNY!!! The rain was so cooling oh my gosh! HAHA!! Waited for the rain to stop and went to Jurong West st 52 to shop. HEH!!! Fun! We got to pick what we wanted to eat. As in for the month. HAHA!! ALOT of disagreements to fish and prawns!!! HAHAHAH!!! Not our favourites. XD. Then went to J.E with Cik Dado's family. SWIM3!!!! It have been so long since I last swam!!! SERIOUSLY!!! HAHAHAH!! Then had dinner at Fig and Olive. HUHU!! Nice. Me likey!! HEHE!!! Then went to NTUC to buy ice cream. Hee. Then.............. Back home!!! I admit! WAS SO DAMN TIRED!!!!!!!!!

October 18, 2010

Like whoa.

No one



Yarh. A second chance.

Long Ago
I knew you,
And every memory I shared with you

And how painful sometimes it is to remember
Every Word
Every Day
Every Time
I was with you

And how close I felt to something special
Something deep inside
You were a part of me
You had a part of
My Soul
My Heart
My Mind

And how every day I got up 'cause of you
And everyday I couldn't wait to see you

And how I regret those days I kept my silence
And how I wish I would have said something
said anything, to make you understand

And then we left
We stopped talking
It was my fault. It was.

And how I wish I could change that.

And how sometimes late at night, I can't fall asleep
cause I wish you were here
And how I wrap myself so closely with my blanket

Just to remember
Just to feel something
to feel a part of you

And how sometimes I lay lavishing myself in tears
Waiting, Longing, Yearning
to feel your touch

Just to be with you

And how some mornings I wake up reaching out for you
but you're not there
And sometimes I imagine that you care
And how once in a while I fantasize we'll talk
once again

And how I wish I could take my second chance
to be near you.

October 17, 2010


Sweet thing.


Did this yesterday night. With Dad and Sis. Fun. =DD

October 16, 2010

October 15, 2010

Sucha weird day.

Such a weird day for me. First. I woke up at 5.30am. thinking that its already 6.30am. And i noticed that my paper is at 10.15am. -.-. HAHHA!!! So yea. Went to school quite early to meet the NONE geography students and revised for our combined science paper 1. For 1 hour. Annoying? I know. Hee. But yeah. Felt so happy that EYE is over.=DDD. Hee... But as soon as i reached home, Ihsan's bear is at my sofa. Facing down. Hugging the house phone. -.-. Creepy? I know. Then set off to Nai's crib. Then did some things.... Easy said, KARAOKE! XD. Then around 5+, got a phone call from home. Raushan called. Saying weird stuff. Hearing stuffs that makes him weak.... Then he insisted on meeting me at Nai's crib. After that phone call, i immediately called Dad and Sister telling and asking them some questions. My brother reached Nai's crib. He told us exactly what happened.
" When i got home, he thought that Dad was home. I went to the Master bedroom to look for Dad. Only then, I found out that no one was home. Then I heard a creepy noise coming from my room..... I went to look at it. When I entered to my room, I saw my cupboard door half open. I find it weird and insisted on looking in it. Then I saw two eyes peeking on me. I felt scared and ran out. Taking the house phone with me and towards the kitchen. I took a knife. But then I thought.... What if I am accused of being a murderer? Hmmm... Then I kept the knife from where I took it from. Then I went to our balcony and called both my sisters. I was too scared. then I left the house. Just before closing the door, I saw a shadow. My heart pumps faster. Then I lock the door and ran towards the lift. I was so scared to death."
Hearing that from him, my friends and I decided on going to my house. To "investigate". On our way there. A received a call from home. It made me stun. Mee insisted that I should find out who is that person calling. Got to know......... Its Dad.-.-. He went home straight after receiving that call from me. I was amazed.=DD.. And yea.... Then,........ When we reached home, nothing was lost. Everything seems so fine. SO WEIRD....-.-


At Nai's crib. =DD

October 14, 2010


This is exactly what I'm feeling right now. XD. So lazy to even open up the books and get my brain some information for 2mrw's paper. LAST PAPER, HERE I COME!!!!

You're nowhere close.

Since you're gone................ You have no clue about anything. I'm tired. I'm too weak to even think............ Now, you're mad at me. I feel so weak to even confort you. I know. I'm useless. Easy said.

Just to express my feelings.