August 30, 2009

meet him. finally!

hey3!!! today, one whole day at home do house chores. then paint room. wah!!! my hands so dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahhahaha!!! then text him bck!!! imy!!! hehehheh. then went to gp. bought food. then reached home sui2. hahahhaha!!!! ate. then meet him!!!=D. reached home around...... 10++. then, imy again!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe. then otp!! later. hahahha!!! chaos!;D hearts.

happy birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥
wished.hehe! srry cant make it today. truly am. then changed tagged background. but... nvm. hahaahaha!! k. im dne here. chaos;D

29 august 2009;

woke up at 12. then text him! HEHEHEHE. then went to do pw at feez house. done.went cosy. meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehehehehe. then eeehem!!! heheheh! went home at 6.30. reached home, get ready things for buka. then ate. he went for prayers. i cleaned up the house. huhu. then otp with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D caro mio♥

August 28, 2009

he's sick!!!!;(

reached home. then called him. worried you know!!!! heheheh. his sis say he aslp. got to know he's really down with fever!!!! huhu. cool. my intepraation is right!!!! hehehhehe!!! just hope you wll get well soon;D then just walked pass his house. then went to gp. follow farah a while. then took bs. tired. hehehehehe. then he called!! hehehehehe. then talk3. till i want to go malay dance. talk3. then went li house take attendance book. looked at his house while walking. see part of him. can la!!! ahaahhahah!!!! then got in late for malay dance. then done. dance was damn tiring!!!!then went to cosy jap. then home!!! just saw his shadows. nevermind. at least, saw him!!! hahahahha!!!! then, called him a while. then buka. he went down to meet syed. then. till now, im just patiently waiting;D

Admire me from afar.
Remember me like a star. See me in a special way.
Make me never go away.

Catch me as I fall.
Hear me as I call. Believe me, when I say,
I never want to go away.

With you I fly like a dove.
You really are my one true love.
So keep me here as I lay.
Don't make me ever go away.

I love you so very much.
I am complete with your touch.
Listen to me when I say, I will never go away.

They may pout and they may whine.
They may try to cross the line.
But I will never ever Stray.
No one can make me go away.

you cared like a father;D

28 august 2009;

went to school. but no sight of him. hmmm.... wondered. then at comp lab, i text kiki asking he got come school not. he didnt.;(. didnt got to see him. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then im just sitting here worrying why he's not here. hmm.... i got a feeling that ure down with fever. hmmm...... imy.ily.

27 august 2009;

my last test, geography and homec, was okay. i can say that. both examiner so fierce!!!! hahahahahah!!! then after paper, went canteen waited for krystal. huhu. she want go cut hair. i accompany her. then the whole BP followed. cute sey!!! hahahahaha!!! then the shop, we occupy. hahahaha!!! then krystal so cute. she scared her hair wrong cut. hahahahha!!! then went to cosy. she want to buy kitten food. then went back to prime. moo and nai followed. then they bought the foods. then head back to cosy. slack. 4.30, krystal, fiqah and syida went home. then he came!!!!! heheheheh. talked to him!!!! hehehehhe. imy dear. then blah3. at night he at home. at 2043 is when i receive his last message. for a few minutes, i tried to call and call. but engage. i dial around 30 times?!! then at last, he called. damn happy! but his hp spoilt. aiya!!! cannot cntact him!!!!;(. then slept late. he sick. so, slept a little earlier. but still, late. hahahahha!!! recorded his voice;D
Your eyes;
I look into your eyes
I get hypnotized.
I cannot move.
I cannot breath.
Your brown eyes
They confort me.
I start to cry.
I dont know why.
I get scarred.
I turn away.

26 august 2009;


it was raining heavily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheheh. lepak after science paper. before test, did sec 3 subject combination!!! omg!!!! i dunno wth i was doing!!!! urgh!!!! irritating!!!! then went to calss late. we started the test far later then the others! hahahahahah!!! then went cosy when done. and my mt ca4 paper, got my name!!! hahahaha!!! bangga skejap. hehehehhe. then went home at.... 5? after doing my maths homework. hahaha!!!! otp. then im done!!!! ZZZzzzzz. ily.;D

25 august 2009;

had mathematics and literature test. maths not done!!!! urgh!!! frustating!!!! hahahahah!!! then literature nice timing. aftr school, straight went home. then slept. huhu. then woke up, food is ready. ate. otp again!!! and guess wat?! got to see him!!! he went to 840. lepak. eeeehe!!!!! heheheh. cant study science, transport and living things, topic. hahhahahah!!!! then stress free when talk to him!!! hehehehehe. i simply love you dear;D

24 august 2009;


today history test. was okay. but source base damnhard la sey!!!! hahahahahhaha!!!! then head straight for home. saw him at canteen. bt didnt know that he's actually waiting for me!!!!! omg!!! im terribly sorry dear one.;(. then meet him outside school. khalisah accompany me!!!;D. then talked to him. apologise. then, alamak!!!! something went wrong. just SOMETHING. that is totally unneccesary. like seriously. hmmm... but things get under control when we talked about it. ate buka. then meet him!!!!!!!!! went jp. got to buy some stuffs for tomorrow's math test. reached home at 10.15. then otp! eehe!!! stayed up late again.;D talked about stuff. ily. thanx for being there by my side when i need you.;D but. somethings are meant to be a secret huh u guys?.... i did not mention to anyone. simply disappointed. tats all.. hmmm... but im okay!!!! dun u all wrry;D. thanx to abdul rahman bin yahya!!!=D

♥Tonight you and I have talked for the first time in awhile and it gave me an amazing feeling deep down inside sending a big smile on my face. Talking to you made me feel alive for the first time in a long time. You fill my life with laughter and love. I believe that you are sent from above. You came back into my life and set me free from the chains that had been weighing me down. You made me realize that the only real love of my life actually wanted to be with me too. You see with you in my life I'll always have a love that will be forever true.

23 august 2009;

stayed at home! woke up at 1. hahahahhaha!!! then clean up cabinet.WTH-.-". hahahahha!!! then.... soon.... aircon is being repaired. hahahahah!!! but i studied at the other room. when im done, get ready the food for buka. then ate. at night, study again. then otp with my deary sweetheart!!!! hehehehehe. then slept late again. hmph! who cares. haahahahha!!! for him, can one!! hahahha!!!. k shuddup mira. k. done. hahahahha!!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE HIM LIVE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!=D

22 august 2009;

went to hafeez house. do project work. then, doe around 5?? late huh? i know. hahahahha!!! i did everything!!! and im prod of it!!!! heeheheh. then, head for home. =D. hehehehehehe. after that otp!!! till 630. hehehhe. went prime after buka. huhu. saw lifebuoy!!! hahahhaha!!! and thought about u!!!;) hehehehhe. i miss you dear. hehehhe. stayed up late. then sahur, eyes can barely see anything!!! hahahahhahahah!!! i guess im done. huhu. done. P.S: imy.

August 21, 2009


21 august 2009;

TOMORROW FASTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! going to meet him today!!!! have to!!! he didnt come to school.;( so yea, cya!!! love you dear;)

20 august 2009;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUS AND JU!!!! got eng ca test till 3++. his remedial caancelled. then meet him. went to ju block. then celebrete the two guys birthday. went home, ngaji. then he called me!!!!! slept at 0200hr.

19 AUGUST 2009;

today was quite sadding. quarrel again.;( lepak at cosy with him. then he left me. but after kowing the reason, he was just testing my actioons. hmmm... but didnt know that in the first place, so, when he left me, i walk away. he didnt come after me;(. huhu. then didnt texted. before he went down, he texted me. he didnt bring his phone. then called and called. damn worried la sey. at last!!!! he picked up.;D. then things happened dont want and dont need to mention. but we sort things out. i want this to be the last time we quarrel yaww dear. i hope and pray so;D

18 august2009;

got ethnic fusion dance today. then, after that, meet him. his remedial cancelled. huhu. he cut hair!!!! damn cute la. hehehehehehehe. then lepak at loong lee. he was tired. he slept on my lap.;D. eehe!!! watched him sleep. cute!!!!!! hahahahahah!!!! at night, he went soccer. then called him at night. talked till midnight.

17 AUGUST 2009;

today was the inter house captain house for c-girls. hmmm.... im in the team!!!!! hehehehehe. then played against neptune. followed by jupiter. lost the first match. only by 1 mark!!!! omg. damn pathetic. hahahah!!! but it was a rough match against them. then played against jupiter was damn relax and friendly match. hahahahah!!! kinda funny. haahhaha!!! end up winning 3rd. neptune-1st. mercury-2nd. jupiter-4th. then meet him at loong lee. he played soccer at night. then, otp!!!;D HE GOT O LEVEL ENGLISH ORAL; GOODLUCK!!!!

♥16 AUGUST 2009;

went to vivo with my darling.;D meet him at interchange. went there, head to golden village. huhu. then bought the ticket for "wheregotghost" hahahhahaa!!!! cool huh? i know. hahahahha!!! then went to eat LJS first. movie starts at 1625hr. then blah3. head to the cinema. hahaha!!! seat G-04 and G-03. his treat. then after movie, took a scroll at the roofop. hahahaha!!! cute kn?!!! heheheheh. then campwhore. walk2. then went to bus stop. took bus 30 home. he slept on me my shoulders!!!!!!! hehehehehehe. then walked home from jp. reached home around 2125hr?? then called him at night. it was a bad endig for the day.;(. but dont worry, MIRAH IS ABLE TO SORT THINGS OUT!!!!!;D. HE'S DAMN SWIT LA SEY!!!! I LOVE YOU ABDUL RAHMAN.♥

15 august 2009;

hey. stayed at ome. doing home chores! damn tiring! i swear. hahahahha!!! but then, went to jp with my dear sister. went to look something for him. =D. eehe! then walk3. find nothing. then at this particular shop, saw something damn cool! hahahha!!! it can say "ILOVEYOU". cute isnt it? hehehehehe. then, meet him. aroud 7++, reached home. then got to know that the thing not working!!!!!!!!! damn frustrated!!!! went back to jp to change. he accommpany me!!!;D. then ate LJS. damn hungry. huhu. then went home took bus. then see him off. ;D. at night otp till 16 AUGUST 2009!!!!! heheheheh!

August 15, 2009


14 august 2009;

he didnt come to school. then after sch, went home. he go prayer. then meet him at cosy. blah3. heheheh!!! between us jek yer. eehe! then he fetched me home again!!! heheheheh!! then siap2. went to bibik tini house. got kenduri. then text him whn im done. perfect timing huh dear?....;D. then accidentally sleep!!! oooooooooppppppppppsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 august 2009;

hey! he was damn swit la sey today!!! eehe! he came to fetch me. then walked to school. mum saw. hahahha!!! then after my malay dance, he fetched me outside school. eehee!!! he carry my bag for me. then chitchat. then head for cosy. i want go home, he fetched me!!!! hehehehehe!!! then undr my block got a few jerks. hahaha!! then went ngaji. huhu. i felt diff abt him. i love him more!!!! hehehehe!!!! i never felt closer to you this way before.;D but i love it.;D

12 august 2009;

had my rugby. then meet him outside school. he was drawing. then head for cosy, he cntinue his drawings. i edit his fool scap. no diff. hahahahah!! then went home at 6.30pm. called him. we kinda fight?? hmm... a qsn chnges it all. omg. im srry dear. things happen. tears here and there. got to know and make sure his alright then ended the call at 0048hr. a few min later, slept. he miss me.;D.

11 august 2009;

hey. had self-studies. then sat with him jap. JEA cancelled. huhu. went to adelphi court do eng homework with dibah. hold his hp. hear songs. then he came!!! huhu. sat at pondok. talk2. then suddenly, silence came across him. i wonder. then talk to him, he malas nk layan?... hmm... then at 6++ walk off. cant bare keeping my tears holding on. felt like i wasnt needed there at all. i without a phone. he cant cntact than he still didnt make use of the time. haiya. kinda disappointed. then called him at 7.50p.m. talk things out. glad its over.

August 10, 2009


10 august 2009;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMIRAN AND SUFFIAN! stayed home. did my pw. lit part. im done!!! otp with my dear roadrunner!! huhu. sis lend me her phone. aww... swit kn?... i knw. huhu. she say she wnt be needing it. so yea. thx.;D

9 august 2009; HAPPY BDAY TO SINGAPORE!!!!! hehehehe!!! went out at 130. went to gp take money from sis first. meet mitot skali. then walk to tb. one by one lambat!! hahahha!!!! then at 2.30, walk from there and head for jp. meet fiqah. head for city hall. then reached, went to look for food!!! hahahha!!! bought KFC then take-away. walk to look for a good spot. then end up at the same place as last year. so,yea. sat, eat, relax. then CAMP WHORE!!!! hahahahah!!! cute ahr krg. hahahha!!! then the whole thing started! huhu. then after that, walk off. was damn pack. walk3. got sesat. hahahha!!! we walked one big round. hahahha!!! then reach marina square at 9.30? i think. then bought food again. damn hungry. hahahha!!! bought ljs. hahahha!!! then sat down outside. eat. huhu. then walk from there. got fight. fuyoh! then walk. salah jalan. hahaha!!! reach mrt station at 11+ i think. then head for home. wan got out. we got out. he at raffles. then go back. then head for pio. hahaha!!! damn late sey! omg. haha!!! then walk cepat2. then reached home, hp got confiscated.;(. i dunno when ill get back. so yea.


8 august 2009;

went to marina square with HIM!!!! hehehehe. went out at 2.30. meet at interchange. then head to city hall. walk3 at marina. NOTHING. then went to penin. walk3. again, NOTHING. huhu. then head for bugis. walk3. then damn dizzy. was a hot day la sey!!! then went to ljs. go eat. hehehe. got the same hp keychain sort of thing. then head back in to bugis. saw the shop that we were looking for. at last! hahhaha!!! then bought a white tee shirt at last!!! yay!!! victory. then head for home. was suppose to reach home before 8. but got home at 8.10. huhu. then blah3. otp. then mus came. karaoke. hahhahaha!

August 7, 2009

national day in sch

hey there everyone!!!!! had national day celebration just now. it was great eventhough im not one of the crowd out there. k. let me start. SLOWLY. hahahahahha!!! went to school alone. then went to class, put my maths book then go to dance studio to makeup and stuff. then blah3. head to ISH to perform. it felt terrible. but it was okay. the hair was damn irritating!!! hahahahah!!! opened the hair weak for the next performance. then danced, I FELT SO GREAT!!!! THE CROWD WENT WILD!!!!! that made me thrilled. i was amazed, excited, happy, nervous, everything!!! but felt better!!! hehehehe!!! we were shouting our heart out after exit. we felt damn great!!!! for sure.=D. then, went for charity bazaar. sold out damn quick la sey. hahahahha!!!! amazed!!! then blah3, meet him. went cosy. dunno whr bp. then go cosy. then 12++, head for home together with syapik and him of course. hahahhah!!! then slept. accidentally. huhu. at 4, went to cosy. lepak with him and people,.... then went home with moo.. chat with him. then. something happened. between us huh? ill seal it then. then he also got negative thinkings... hmmm... got me wnder.

4- 6 august

6 august 2009;


went to school with my dear roadrunner!!!!;D he's sick.;(. he must go to school bcos he got history ca4 and maths test. hmm.. he said he did badly...;(. but its okay. its not his fault. he did his best. his stomach just seem to hurt and distract his mindset. hmmm. after school, went for md. then art room. did the heading for charity bazaar. "MEE GORENG" with thw star!!! heheheh!!!. then meet him. got to knw he's down with fever!!!! 37.8!!! omg! then at night, he went to doctor. he got MC. but die2 wan go school 2mrw. so, yea. he slept early. i asked him to. ily.;D get well soon.

5 august 2009;

had my malay dance rugby. in the morning, when got to school alone, PEOPLE asked me about wht happened. i just lied. why is there a need to tell people the truth when there is nothing to be proud of?... hmm... but then, my eyes recovered. hahahhaa!!! malay dance practice for friday, cncelled again. hahha!!! then went to swing. wierd people are there!! hahahahah!! just a little amaze.

4 august 2009;hey. ethnic fusion was cancelled. went to canteen and sat with him bcos got mly dnc at 3 he got remedial at 3.20. he say mybe not gg. nvr brg wksht. hmmm.... he help me with my homework.;D. then got to know got ss. 2++ then got to know. then didnt go. then malay dance also cancelled. hahahahah!!! then went to cosy with him. otw home, alot of cats la sey!!! hahahah!!! 6 or more if not mistaken. fuyoh!!! felt like running. hahhahaha!!! at night, he played takraw. then accidentally fell aslp. woke up. something really bad happened! rainfall. hmm... but every relationship, thrs always ups and downs tat we have to face right?... so, yea. it happened. but manage to calm things down. slept at 3.45a.m.

August 3, 2009

i simply love you dear;D

3 august 2009;
went to school. then meet him at canteen. pass him vicks. he's sick!!!;(. assembled at parade square. then blah3. after recess, meet mr rahim then saw my roadrunner!!!! hehehehe. then maths lesson. went to take duster. hahahah!!! fiqah follow. she say she go toilet. then meet at level 3. hahahaha!!! walked long way. outside library, saw him!!!;D. then went to take duster. otw up, saw mdm sim. she asked for help. helped her transfer things. then saw ms linda. woohu!!!!!! hahahahah!!! then head back to class. 20 minutes we go out. hahahah!! then blah3. after sch, got mly dnc MEETING. then blah3. head for home with syida and fiqah. took bus at jp. lazy walk home. did homework. ahhahah!!! then done. GET WELL SOON DEAR!!!;D

2 august 2009; stayed at home again. woke up at 1! gerek pe. hahahhha!! didnt got to accompany him at madrasah. sorry.;(. huhu. then continue painting SARAH MIRAH sambil otp with him. made a game. huhu. we are not allowed to cntact, talk or meet each other till saturday, 12a.m. huhu. but we are allowed to contact ONLY thurs onwards. surrender; punishment!!! hahahahhaah!!! rabak kn? hahah!! then scared miss each other, meet him!! huhu. HE WORE THE TEE I BOUGHT HIM!!!!!!!!!!! talked about finding a new guy/ girl. hmmm.. he looked me in the eyes and said no! eeehe!;D. then walked home after that. it was damn cold there!!! then went to 7 eleven. then, head for home. awwwwwww. scared gonna miss you. huhu. then he went lepak at 840.thn, whn he gg home. watched him from above. he didnt saw me;(. nvm. at least i saw him;D. eeehe! then otp. he's sick. GAME CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!! huhu.;D. GET WELL SOON YAW DEAR ONE;D. ily.

1 august 2009;stayed home. do house chores. then at 4, went out with sis. to jp. eat BK. her treat.;D. eeehe! then after that, meet them at cosy. farah went jp. dibah and mimie go home. left me and mitot. then meet him!!!!!! he's from imm. then lepak3. then went to PM. accompany him go buy food for his cousin. then head for home. reached home, did my painting. accompany sis while talking otp with my dear roadrunner!!!;D. eeehe! then slept at 3. good nite dear one;D

31 july 2009;
the performance was okay! huhu. sound problem again. wth. but manage to cover up. huhu. was proud!!!;D. hehehehe. we did good even without the sec 4s. eehe! then, after performance, HE MEET ME!!!;D huhu. lepak at cosy jap. then head for 840. lepak. isnt him swit?!!! heheheh. tkpe. between mirah.hahhahahha!!! saw farah and wan. then blah3. HE'S HOT WITH THE CAP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill upload the picture yaww one day. heheheh. then head for home at 10. huhu. didnt got to look at him when walking pass my blok;(. huhu. then he accidentally fall aslp. hahahh!!! cute!. k. shuddup mira. haahhahaha!!! im dne;D