July 31, 2009

a sweet path with you.

29 july2009;
hey ho!!! didnt go to school on 29 june 2009. was planning to go clinic. then woke up at 12.00. wow isnt it?... huhu. went to malay dance for rugby. thought there's prac. so came. but i thought wrng. hmm.. aftr rugby, whc was a very cool and great trainning, to lib with mimie and li to reurn book. huhu. otw home, treat li and mimie ice cream. just feel like it. crazy huh? i knw. hahahah!!! then meet him!!!! eehe!!! then talk3. lepak3. then went doctor. he wasnt okay.=(. dad ask him go home. thn my mood was down too. huhu. jiwe. hahahha!!! then made him laugh!!!!=D. hehehehe. went to doctor, too many people, went home. took bus. then get ready for religious class. hmm.. otp with him. thn ZZZzzz.... ( and farah is attached to wan!!) hahahah! last long aye;D

30 july 2009;
the next day, whc is one the 30, went to school with him!!! huhu. he saw mum. then walk different path. hahahhaha!!! then walk long way. hahahha!!! cute kn? tau. hehehe. then reached school, had lesson. then history test, dance workshop and malay dance!!! hahahah!!! history test, gonna fail. hahahha!!! dance workshop was tiring that made me more tired then ever during malay dance practice. was damn exhuasted la sey!!! hahahah!!! then meet him. down with headache. but got a cure huh dear?... eehe!! personal doctor yer?.... hahahahha!!! went home at 7? farah was damn late then walk off first. went to religious class. mus take ball. tu pun nk segan. hahahhaha!!! tkpe. understooded. haahahhaha!!! otp with my dear roadrunner. then slp=D ZZZzzz....=D

31 july 2009;
now, im just blogging. music didnt do. ahhahahha!!! dun undrstd a single thg. then, blog!!=D k. im done. later, got malay dance performance. Mother Tongue Cultural Fiesta. at 6.30-8.30. huhu. he's gonna fetch me!!! hehehe! insyaallah. k im dne.=D

July 28, 2009


hey. went to school with farah. then sick at school! had mt CA3 first thing in the morning. didnt finish my paper. 6 m gone. wth. wateva. then bla3. then went for dance class. hahaha!! combined with reggae. thn dance. 7 girls jek sey. wow. hahahha!!! then dance3. then had geo test. suddenly forget everythg. wth. thn blah3. meet him at cosy. he's not well. then talk3. draw3. hahaahhaha!!!! cute drawing!! hahahha!! then head for home with sarep. dun wrry dear. far apart.;). then bathe. eat. comp.=D. then chat with him!!! hehehehe. some people say we sweet!! hehehehhe.;) but he got a bad. damn bad headache!!! omg;(

July 27, 2009


HAD A GREAT WEEKEND INDEED!!! HUHU. the pictures describes everythg!!!;) hmmm. let me start with....

26 july 2009;

went to bugis again. with sister. hehehe. thn bought roadrunner tee!!! cute!!! hahahhaha!!! hehehe. then bought him a tee. i bought a watch. huhu. then meet my syg!!! heheheh. went to imm. thn walk3. thn sat at the roof top. took pic!!! then went to AMK hub. huhu. jauh kn melanting. hahahahhaha!!! thn walk. huhu. both first time go there. mcm bdk belo jln2. huhu. then walk3. then went jp. eat ljs. thn saw mus and wani! huhu. walked home together. thn reached home at 11++. huhu. kecoh!! huhu. thn. ZZ... tertdo lgk. huhu.=O

25 july 2009;
hey3. did my hmwrk till 4++. while he were slping. then meet him. at bus stp opposite gekpoh. huhu. walked to jp. walk3. thn go buy pen. hahhahaha!!!! cute isnt it?... hehehehe. thn went lepak at blok 687. camp whore!!! yay!! then off to bugis. meet mum. thn bought some stuffs. huhu. got home late. blah3. thn tertdo lgk. huhu. sorie dear.=D
24 july 2009;

continuous. hahahha!!!
went to malay dance after lesson. went around to fetch the dancers. huhu. went to his class!!! hehe! then went to dance studio. helped mr. impressive. hahahha!!! did saienah, asyiqin, yanty, shaffiyah, syafiqah and my hair. hahahah!! went there. sit dow ahr chit chat. huhu. at 7.15. went down. prize presentation. nervous!!! huhu. then dance!!! huhu. okay. did well. nice backups. teacher missed our performance. then change. took bus late!!! damn late sey!!! i let my roadrunner wait for an hour outside the school. pity u.;(. but he sent me home at night!!! heheh!! reached home at 11.20p.m. didnt get scolded. mum knw he send me home. no worries. huhu. thn zZZ... accidentally fall aslp! omg! for the first time. didnt hung up the phone=O. hahahha!!

July 24, 2009

im attached.


hey3 ppl!! went to school with him!!!!!!!!!!!!! together with farah and wan. huhu. had a good walk to school. hahahah!!! with you by my side!!!! ;) had malay dance practice. on 23 july. it was damn cold alright. didnt bought my jacket along. so yea. serve me right. hhahahah!!! released at 10.40. went around to look for people. then went to cnteen. saw u dear. then look for teacher, saw u again!! saw u again! n again!! heheh. then head to NUS. then had rehearsal. the host name is samirah!!!! hahahhah!!! anjat skejap. hahahah!! then blah3. prac3. then at 6, head for school. went to the study corner at the back of school. then celebrate abang bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BDAY TO YOU!!!! =D. huhu. then tepong here and there. hahahha!!! head for home. then didnt go ngaji. was damn late!!! reached home at 8. hahahha!! was damn dizzy. dunno why. then called my roadrunner. talked. then slept at 11++. he was damn worried alright. ;). heheheh. then slept.=D

there isnt much to hide anymore. to everyone, im sorry for not revealing that im attached. i thought i can keep it just between me and him. but all of u saw it with ur own eyes. i just hope u guys can accept the fact that im attached to Abdul Rahman Bin _____. for me to know. so yea. and im sorry to the people around me that feels hurt about this relationship. im not here to hurt you. but just leading a better life. im sorry.

July 22, 2009


hey there!!! tdy mother tongue listening compre o'level sey. hmmm gd luck to all yaw. but too late. hahahaha!!! belo2. hahahah!! so yea. went home straight. malay dance rugby cancelled. then change. went to 860. meet up wit someone. SOME people saw. omg sey. hhahahah!!! its revealed huh. okay. speechless. at 1615 he went to school. i went to swing. then blah3. tman li to jp. half way, kne pata balek. hahahaha!!! wth. thn talk3. then went bck to swing. then talked to him. almost everyone there knew it. wth. hhahahha!!! so yea. went home at 1850?? then blah3. went ngaji. then now. blogging. you made my day. i smile and blush like thr isnt 2mrw. im dne.=D farah ardilla, siti nadia, nuratiqah, siti adibah


hey ppl. admit tat it has been quite a while eversince i last posted. heheheh. not active ready la. heheheh. hmm.. so yea. let me do some story telling yaw. hmmm... lets start. ONCE UPON A TIME;

21 july 2009;

hey3!!! HAPPY BDAY TO MY DEAR FRENS; SUFIAH AND EDRIE!!!! my pri sch frens. and. its RACIAL HARMONY DAY!!!!! didnt wore costume coz got malay dance. thn lazy. went out of the classroom at 0910. heheheh!!! had 2 donuts thn went for prac. hmm.... had a smoky training. hhahahhaha!!! but cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D. hmm... went back school. went for art. then had a talk in the hall. IT WAS DAMN LONG SEY!! it took 2 hours. tired sitting. weird huh. got restless. DAMN! hahaha!!! but i do listen attentively. =D. its my future man!!! hahahahha!!! then aftr school, went to meet fam. watched TRANSFORMERS!!!! hahahahah!!! eversince i felt lyk watching it, my dream was being fulfill!!!=D damn cold la sey!! hahaha!!! then walk3. sis bought me a wallet. i lyk it very much!!!!=D it cost 29.90. thx yaww sista.;) then otp at night. till 0300 la sey!!! hahahahaah!!! and 2mrw is THE SOLAR ECLIPSE. love you PEOPLE!!! ;) nur khalisah

20 july 2009;

hey. its a boirng monday i admit! hmph!! hahhahaha!!! he didnt come.=(. he sick. but nvm. get well soon!!!!;) hehehehhehe. then aftr sch go home. thn lpak. he went down!!! i saw him!!! but he wasnt really okay though. hmm... u get me wonder. nvm. at least ure not overstress. he didnt rply my msg. hmm. then at night he msg!!! at last. he didnt feel lyk gg home. good or wat. hahahha!!! then accmpany him through the night. called him. he went home. then. talk3. slept at 2 again. hahahahah!!!

19 july 2009;

hey ho!!! i was a very good girl today. lyk seriously. hahahahha!!! not perasan ehk. hahahha!! did all my house chores within a few hours including my homework. isnt it wow?.. hehehehe. then went to lepak at 1500? i think. hahahh!! then didnt text him. he got work. 1100-1730?? then undrstd la. lyk. DUH! hahahahha!! lepak3. thn he came!! in white. looks smart! heheheh. communicate from afar. then got sore throat. lyk wth. thn went to shop bought strawberry milk again. heheheh. thn suddnly a cat came along!!! hahha!!! scary! someone laugh at me for my reaction. hahahhaha!! but cute la. hahahha!!! then went home at 1930?? i thk. walked home with sarep and an spade. bla3. then called him for the very first time. was damn bored. huhu. slept at 0200. heheheh. got sch tau padahal. hahahha!!! nvm. we strong!!! =D syarmmimie roza

18 july 2009;

hey. went to watch HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the show ive been dying to watch!!! ahhahahahha!!! went at 1230. ended at 1520. went with my bro. sounds so boring!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha!!! seriously. but the show is brilliant la sey. ibu and ayah both not working. ibu sick. ayah take care. swit kn?... hahahaha!!! after the movie, went home. then went to TB. meet someone. then head off for home at 7++. reached home at 2030?? then didnt get scolded. coz told the truth to mum. and she allow. how great is tat!! hahahahha!! k shuddup mira. then that someone fetch me home.;) another great ending.

17 july 2009;

went to lepak at cosy and swing. hmm... i was damn hyper i tell u. hahahha!! dunno wat got into me that particular day. hmm.. thn play bicycle. it have been quite a while eversince i ride one. heheheh. saw roadrunner. then laugh here. laugh there. then suddenly felt damn dizzy. it was cold. serious. bt my frens say im perfectly okay. then sit down. listen to music. then hyper again. ida bought me to 816. together with riduan. then went bck. damn dizzy. cnnt think at all! feel lyk fainting. then wanted to go home. then they walk another direction. left me alone. then walked. someone's voice was heard upon my ear. look back. thr goes roadrunner. then walked with him. then rejected his offer to fetch me to bus stop. didnt want to trouble anione. then took the bus. cnt see a thg see. get down. bought strawberry milk. then suddenly my headace heals. slowly. went to gek poh at night. went to prime. then done. it was quite a good ending though for my day of lepak. roadrunner. ;)

July 16, 2009


hey. its 16 july. obviously!!!!!!!!!! hahahhah!! so yea. haloo people. hahahha!! okay2. stop the crap. hahah!! so yea. wanna know smthg?! im attached!! just hope we will last long dear. love u lots.;) hahahh!!! *if u guys believe, u just got punked!* hahahahh!!! so yea. went to school. late day is back!! yippe!! hahahah!!! had PE for first period. mr rahim made me run down to ask about the health screening timing. then at last, got to know that its 2mrw. at 10.40a.m. wth. wrong info. hahahahha!! then had badminton test. fail ready la. hahahh!! test against li ting. obviously fail la. she badminton player sey. huhu. then had our recess at 9.10. ate with krystal. then bla3. maths didnt pay attention again. hahahha!! teacher ask random people about the topic. i and fiqah naseb sey. hahahahha!! if not, we will go speechless if teacher ask. hahahhaha!!! PW not done. last minute. aiya. nvm. dun wanna talk about it. then after school, accompany syida till ifrad finish remedial. went home with farah. she had a really bad stomach ache. a lot of pit stops. hahahahah!! then reached home, ate, took a nap then went to religious class. dne blogging.
ily dear roadrunner. i dun mean to put it as a secret. but just for the moment aite dear.;) love u lots. it is written. our fairytale, 16 july 2009, 0.32hr;) muaxx!tc of ur slping beauty aite.

14 and 15

15 july;

hey ho ppl!!!!!!!!!!! it was raining damn heavily sey in the morning!!! i admit, im shivering!!! hahahahha!!! then went to school with farah. walked in the rain. but with umbrella. hahahha!! walked by cosy there. then reaching back gate, payung tersangkut la sey!!! hahahah!! paisey la sey. people should saw it. hahah!! then reach school, see my payung, its torn!!! hahahah!!! threw it away. maths class, pepot2 wit fiqah all the way. dun know wth teacher toking. hahahha! this chapter, i admit, i know nothing!! hahahahha!!! so yea. head back home straight after school. sleep till 7. went religious class. then went home. did some JAHIT-ING. is there such word??... nvm. made it up. hahahha!!! my hard work must be paid up!! hahahaha!!! but nvm. enjoyed sewing. seriously. hahahahah!!! did some camp whoring. then slept late.

14 july;

hey there. got back to school. n yea. i love school!! hahahha!! cnnt survive at home one whole day sey. hahhahha!!! miss my friends!! hahaha!! talking as if i never seen them for years. hahahha!! bt seriously. miss school.;) so yea. had a good day i guess. huhu. camp whore with krystal during science class. teacher dun care and didnt saw. hahahaa!!! had experiment. i admit. its damn cool la sey!! hahahah!!! jakon. huhu. so yea. had a day.;) then went home. then went down go lepak. at cosy. then swing. malik sang and played guitar. cool2. impressive. huhu. then, got to find out about MINA. so yea. cant believe that u no longer tell me stuffs. but nvm. i dun mind. saw roadrunner.;) then head for home at 7. ZZzzz

July 13, 2009


hey. had a very bad stomach ache. at 3 terbgn. fuyoh! merane!!! hahaha!! around at 4.30 aru get bck to slp. wow. damn long right? hahhaha!! yea. then slept. didnt go to school as i scared anithg happen at school. hehehe. a few caring people asked me why didnt i come to school. people like... Nasir, Haikal, Ihsan,Li Ting, Hafeez and roadrunner. huhu. nas was so damn worried. hahaha!!! ape saje la dektu. huhu. okay. done about him. thn woke up at 7. cnt slp at first. then went on to my lala land. woke up. blogging. huhu. leta going li ting house go do pw. aiya. farah ask me follow her. but. sorry. then yea. anithg, ill update. chaos!

July 12, 2009

huhu. boredom

hey. stuck at home one day. thought going out. wth. hahahah!! dad was lyk singing. lalalalala!! hahahah!!! cnnt join. hahahh!! bt nvm. finish up my hmwks. yay!! but never eat one whole day. oops!! aiyo. nvm. mira strong. hahahah!! k lame. nthg much tdy. so yea. cya! chaos.=)
"Inside Your Heaven"

I've been down
Now I'm blessed
I felt a revelation coming around
I guess its right, it's so amazing
Everytime I see you I'm alive
You're all I've got
You lift me up
The sun and the moonlight
All my dreams are in your eyes

I wanna be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from
Where the storm blows your way
I wanna be the earth that holds you
Every bit of air you're breathin' in
A soothin' wind
I wanna be inside your heaven

When we touch, when we love
The stars light up
The wrong becomes undone
Naturally, my soul surrenders
The sun and the moonlight
All my dreams are in your eyes

And I wanna be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from
Where the storm blows you away
And I wanna be the earth that holds you
Every bit of air you're breathing in
A soothing wind
I wanna be inside your heaven

When minutes turn to days and years
If mountains fall, I'll still be here
Holdin you until the day I die
And I wanna be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from
Where the storm blows you away

I wanna be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from
Where the storm blows you away
I wanna be the earth that holds you
Every bit of air you're breathin' in
A soothin' wind
I wanna be inside your heaven
Oh yes I do
I wanna be inside your heaven

July 11, 2009

its the 3rd month im sgl

hey there all. guess where did i go just now?...
hahahahahha!!! my favourite word. hahahaha!! k shuddup mira. huhu. hmm... lets do some story
telling yaww. here goes. listen well yaww. huhu. kgo;
went out at 2. went to mimie house. hahahah!! then bla3. MJ is bck. hahhaha!! as in Mira Jovial yaww people. hhahahah!!! then went to draw some cash. then walked to jp. syapik and mann' both late. then walk2 around jp first. then meet them. someone was not okay i think. hmmm... off to orchard. alot of unusual stuffs sey we saw!!! mimie knows about it. hahhahah!! HORN sume adr. hahahah!! trend terkini. huhu. kk. lame. then walk2. went eat at AYAM PENYEK RIA. someone is happy!!! due to soda gembira. hahahahha!!! total for 4 meals, $34.60. then *BURB*. hahahah!! syapik treat mann' water starbucks. then went to look for dusbin. want to throw rubbish. then end up hangout beside dustbin. hahahha!! CAMP WHORE!! then walk3. tired. sat outside mane enta. i dont really know orchard. hahahha!!! then took MRT bck to boon lay. mimie in the train funny. hahahha! kecoh pun adr. hahahah!! then walked home. took bus at gekpoh there. went home. blog. then done.=)

July 10, 2009

thanx to all

hey ho! jai ho!! hohoho!! hahahha!!! k mira. stop it! hahahha!!! hey!! im totally in the mood la sey!!! hahahah!!!. k. lets start. hmm... went to school alone. maybe a bad starting??... hahahha!!! but i dont mind. really!!! hahahaha!! around westgrove. someone called me something!! hahaha!! for me to know and you will never find out. hahahah!!! jkin!! heheheh!! had a very bad stomach ache!! hahah!! ate at mac with nai n mimie. westwood pat situ. huhu!! hahahah!! kk. shuddup mira!!! hahahah!!! so yea!! as per normal, cheerful in school. even mr daanish says so!! heheheh! so yea. hang around in school till 3?.. hahaha!!! thn go eat. then went to cosy. i did some reading. yea. took pictures with nadia. and the sky too!!! done about that. went home. okay. it was so peaceful!!! no joke. huhu. hmm... wats up man?... hmm... maybe 2mrw going out. not sure myself. toodles!=D