August 31, 2010

Teachers Day 2010

After Celebration.......................

During Aces Day.................................... KECOH!!!!!!!! XD


=DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Teacher's Day Celebration 2010 was such a blast!!!!!!!!!!! Goodness!!!!=DD. I was so relieved after the end of the celebration. Even though we ended at 1330hr?? I think, it was still a success for the committee. =DD. But......................................... It was a bad ending for me. ;((. I was DDDDDDOOooooooooowwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn. ;(((. But manage to revived myself!!!!=DD. Hee. Because I HAD TO drink up. So, I did. My head was so heavy. Seriously. I felt like vomiting? Fainting?? I don't even know. But water have helped save my life.-.-". =DD. Simply, dehydrated.

Dearest Student Leaders(Committee)

"Hey. I just want to say that I'm proud of everyone of you who made the show a success. As what you can see, the crowd enjoyed it. ALOT! Due to our great ideas, the event was superb! I want to congrats the committee upon our great show. It was such a pleasure working with you all. ;D. You guys made everything happen. I may have direct you to do stuffs. But hey, if you haven't notice, you guys are the one who made it work.;D. Heee. It have been a pleasure working with all of you. I'm sorry if there are things that I've said during any of the meetings and made you guys disheartened. I'm just glad that the preasure is over. Thank you to all for making, the fisrt Student Leaders event, a success. "

Yours Truly,
Sarmira Filzah

August 29, 2010


Went to Imm yesterday together with Mum and Sis. Godness. So tiring!!! Had late dinner. At gekpoh. Around 11.30pm?? Yarh. HAHHA!!! Got home, watched Yamakasi. Hee.. Missed that show. ALOT!! =DD.

August 28, 2010

I miss you all BP

Somehow something have to be done. I miss you guys too much.;D. Hee. Geylang. We're coming. I'm so hoping that the 12 of us is making it. Please say you guys are. Please??=D. So yea. I'm waiting. Hee.

P.s; I'm sorry that I can't get a picture whereby the whole 12 of us is together. (As we never had one before. XD)

August 27, 2010

Cik Dado's

Currently in Aunty's crib. Waiting for Mum. HAH! To break fast? Yarhhhhhhhhhhh.......... XD. Hee....


August 26, 2010

I suck?? Maybe

So damn tired these few days. Gosh. I just wish I have a getaway. Someone or something to help me get THESE things out of my mind for at least a moment. At least. All this problems faced by me are too much for me to handle. Godness. You guys have no idea am I not right? Hah. Been scolding+shouting+irritated+frustrated by some people easily. Hmmm.... Why Mira? Sorry if I've hurt some feelings. Can't manage to control. Im terribly sorry.

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

It suits me well

August 25, 2010

Zambia 4

Look at the mirror

Damn. I was so frustrated just now. Due to SOME things. Gosh. Didn't saw it coming yet not surprising. Used to it. Please la. Realise and reflect your acts. Gosh. Such behaviours. Don't be proud of something you are not suppose to. Please ah. Stop it ahr. You guys are just making things worst. Don't loose your reputation that way. Even if you guys have sooooooooooooooo many comments about people, keep it to yourself. Seriously, you guys are just loosing your reputation because of that one stupid little act of yours. I'm done. Continuing this matter will just make my relationship with you as a friend worst. Think about it. There nothing more I can say to you. Don't think too highly about yourself. Your words have hurt me enough. Perhaps too much. Maybe........ You ARE proud of it. Please ah. Wake up!

August 24, 2010

P.s. I Love You

“Are you okay, Holly?” Sharon asked.
Holly sighed. “Every time someone asked me that question, Sharon, I say “I’m fine, thank you,” but to be honest I’m not. Do people really want to know how you feel when they asked, “How are you?”? Or are they just trying to be polite?’ Holly Smiled.
‘The next time the woman across the road from my house says to me “How are you?” I’m going to say to her; well, actually, I’m not very well at all. thank you. I’m feeling a bit depressed and lonely. Pissed off at the world. Envious of you and your perfect little family but not particularly envious of your husband at having to live with you. And then I’ll tell her about how I started a new job and met lots of new people and how I’m trying hard to pick myself up but that I’m now at a loss about what else to do. Then I’ll tell her how it pisses me off when everyone says time is a healer when at the same time they also say absence makes the heart row fonder, which really confuses me, because that means that the longer he’s gone the more I want him. I’ll tell her that nothing is healing at all and that every morning I when up in my empty bed it feels like salt is being rubbed in those unheal-ing wounds. And then I will tell her how much I miss my husband and how worthless my life seems without him. And how uninteresting I’m getting on things without him and I’ll explain how I feel like I’m just waiting for my world to end so that I can join him. She’ll probably just say, “Oh, that’s good” like she always does, kiss her husband goodbye and hop into her car and drop her kids to school, go to work, make dinner and go to bed with her husband and she’ll have done it all while I’m still trying to decide what colour shirt to wear to work.”
‘Oh sharon, if only every minutes of my life was filled with perfect little moments like this I’ll never moan again”
‘But, Holly, Nobody’s life is filled with perfect little moments, And if they were, they would just be normal. How would you ever know happiness if you’d never experienced downs?”