March 31, 2010


halo people. hmmmmmmmm. today............ let me see........ hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... ahhaha!!! k. went to school. was late again. hahah!! and yea. lesson was blah3.......... then had marathon for hotdog!!!! hahahha!!! and yea. after school, went for BOON LAY GOT TALENT! huhu!!! YTC!!! hahaha!! okay. done. hahah!! then walked home with mee and ihsan!!! huhu!! and yea. tats it i guess;D



March 30, 2010


basically this is wat we do today. 5th for javelin. hmmmmmmmmmmm... wat else?? nthg. hahah!!! done;D


Never Let You Go lyrics

oohhh noo, ohh noo, ohhh
they say that hate has been sent
so let loose the talk of love
before they outlaw the kiss
baby give me one last hug

theres a dream
that i've been chasing
want so badly for it to be reality
and when you hold my hand
then i understand
that its meant to be

cuz baby when you're with me
its like an angel came by, and took me to heaven
(like you took me to heaven)
cuz when i stare in your eyes
it couldnt be better

so let the music it blast
we gon' do our dance
praise the doubters on
they dont matter at all
cuz this lifes to long
and its much to strong
so baby no for sho'
ill never let you go

i got my favorite girl
not feelin' no pain
(no pain, no pain, no pain)
oh no, dont have a care in the world
why would i, when you are here
theres a moments i've been chasin
and i finally caught it out on this floor

baby, theres no hesitation,
no reservation by taking a chance and more
ohh noo, because

its like an angel came by, and took me to heaven
(like you took me to heaven)
cuz when i stare in your eyes
it couldnt be better
(i dont want to go, no no no)
so let the music it blast
we gon' do our dance
praise the doubters on
they dont matter at all
cuz this lifes to long
and this loves to strong
so baby no for sho'
ill never let you go

its like an angel came by, and took me to heaven
(like you took me to heaven)
cuz when i stare in your eyes
it couldnt be better
(i dont want you to go, no, no, so)

take my hand, lets just dance
watch my feet, follow me
dont be scared, girl im here
if you didnt know, this is loooovee

(so let the music it blast)
(we gon' do our dance)
(praise the doubters on)
(they dont matter at all)
(cuz this lifes to long)
(and its much to strong)
(so baby no for sho')
(ill never let you go)

ill never let you go, gooooo
ill never let you go,

(oh yeah, oh yeah)


ill never let you go,
ohh no, ohh noo, ohhh

ill never let you go

March 29, 2010


*scared no time to update blog. heheh!!


went st joseph. and yea."FUN".

i just dont get you. you're making me irritated with things tat you do. u think too much and i got blame for it. people around me just think that im turning you into this. why must it always be me?! its unfair u see. you dont get blame. fine. i dont care. haish. "perhaps, i'm just a disappointment.". ur FB says it all. im a human too. i know what ure thinking of me right now. say wat makes you happy. go around. tell everyone. maybe then, ure proud of this. thank you alright. just know tat, "im not stupid. i got a brain too".

0032hr said (12:10 AM):
*i didnt knw too tht i suffer alot. whn you seem i dont. said (12:11 AM):
*you wanna knw what i wanted to say whn i texted you yesterday is "i miss you"
*i shldnt say it ,shldnt i?
*i knw. said (12:12 AM):
*sometimes,assuming tht youre happy now makes me happy.
*doesnt tht makes you happy too?
*i wonder alot mira.
*alot lately about you. said (12:26 AM):
*i mean you should* knw one day. said (12:27 AM):
*i didnt want to blame anyone about you having a crush. im jst mad at the world bcs it happen.
*iwas feeling so down. jst so you knw. bt thoughts speaks up alot of negative things. said (12:28 AM):
*if you were in my shoes,wldnt you feel if i have a crush on someone is my way of forgetting you??
*wldnt you mira?
*crush can lead to love mira. like you did have a crush on me at first. said (12:29 AM):
*this is not about assuming mira,at times.. your mind speaks up the real things.
*now i dont knw if you still think about me or love me or miss me and stuffs. it makes me wonder. wonder mira. said (12:31 AM):
*i have no rights,i am no one. i knw,bt youre SOMEONE tht i wld think about with every steps you make in life. said (12:32 AM):
*talk to me someday. i hope our doubts will be clear.

man persie


March 28, 2010

painful goodbye.

Hush now. Dont say a word.
Unspoken thoughts, I've already heard.
Time passes and the distance is great.
We cant recover tracks. It's too late.
Our love will forever be bonded in time.
I still love you and will miss you my friend.
This pain is great and hard to hide.........
Yet through all the memories, I'll say Goodbye.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY AZYP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 27, 2010

a hint.

Give me a hint,
Just one little clue
To let me know why
I have a crush on you
Don't make me feel silly
Or worse, even shy
And I'll listen to what you have to say
If you just tell me why
Is it the way you listen,
and talk to me,
Or the look on your face
When I do something silly?
Is it the cute habits you have unlike no one else
That make me wish I could have you all to myself?

earth hour

hey. went out at 430. and yea. walked to jp. huhu. then returned sis book for her. took the train then yea. reached destination. then went to eat. blah3. went to esplanade. sat. chitchat. then the countdown begins!!! huhu. then an hour of darkness. but not that dark. boring. got a few construction. so yea. then mogan and company came. chitchat about something. then head off back to jurong. huhu. reached home around 2330? i dont recall. hahahhaha!! and yea. tats it i guess. was so damn sleepy. hahahhaha!!!


25 march 2010;
had performance. it was................. i dont knw. kinda fun actually. hahhhahahha!!! and yea. saw mann and company at canteen. then did some camp whoring at dance studio. blah3.............. then yea. went for boon lay got talent. and yea. soooooooooooooo chaotic. then got things under control. huhu!!!;D. then.....he still choose to wait for me. ended at........................... 6.30?? i think. i dont know. and yea. head home. then was late for ngaji and tired. so yea. excused. hahahahhaha!!! then watched okto!!!! huhu. and yea. that's it. " you want to be that somebody who fill the hands."

26 march 2010;
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. got nothing to talk about. and yea....... got pti. but parents cant make it. so yea. moo and i was the MC. hahahhahah!! kinda funny!!! hahhahahhha!! then went around disturbing people. hahahha!! and yea. people spot things. ahhahhaha!! random!!! then went to KFC. he walked me home. chitchat jap. went home. only my brother at home-.-. hahahha!!! and yea. thats all i guess.

and yea. i didnt plan things to happen. its planned by god. i didnt ask her to do anything. its just that, its written to be this way. i didnt plan to have a crush this instant. things happened. unplanned. if i knew it would happen, then put the blame on me. but the thing is, i didnt plan things to happen. it just happens. im sorry.

P.S; i cant reply text. so yea. call me.

March 24, 2010


i dont want to repeat what everyone tell us but i shld tell you this once "everyone makes mistake mira,true?" at times those mistake are nothing compare to the person they care most.
people wont like it if we hold revenge?
forgiving is always the best mira. even if its a big big mistake,it jst need more time bfre a person to be forgiven.
but they will be forgiven someday right?
tkmau pkir2 psl your wrong doing tht much,it will hurt you more and more.

you wrote this; 23 march; 2307h

Its been 2 weeks and 5 days after that incident.
You move on so fast.
Maybe you remember,maybe you dont want to think about it,maybe you dont.
Whatever it is,youre gone.
Me too.
Thght you need me,even for a friend.
Bt it seems tht youre not.
Pretending is wrong is it?
But i did this for you.
To let you be happy thats my aim.
You dont know that. No matter how much it hurts.
I dont even bother.
You told me you want me,need me as friends.
I agree. But at least show that you really does.
At times,i look at you. Youre showing me you doesnt.
I thank god you found someone. I really do.
You need it,i undrstand.
I will go mira,i will.
When you came to me in my face saying "be gone."
I will. And you know why? because its for you.
I'm not Rahman Juvenile,not anymore mira. I'm not.
But youre always mira,that i knew.
Be happy,carry on.
"It simply starts from a crush."
Life is a cycle,i seen this sentence before.
Every r/s has hurts & pains.
At times,the happiness that counts.
Now,i'm gonna miss Nur Sarmira Filzah.
Thank You For Everything.
You're a good girlfee,friend,mother.
"You're a rare piece."
Just a mistake that caused changes.
I regret.
But i dont regret giving all my love for the 7 mths.
You're gone.
See you.

March 23, 2010


halo people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huhu!!! today, got back ss CA. aiyo! got 9/20! wasted!!! aiyoyo!!! hahahha! and yea. went for malay dance practice. for awhile. for this thurs performance;D. and yea. im excited i guess? hahhahah!! then yea. all of us head to music room. chillax. and yea. ihsan wanted to talk about something. so yea. he sent me home. and yea. walked. saw mann. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. and that got me thinking. alot!!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. and yea. things happen. hahhahahha!!! 19.08 hr. huhu. so yea. im done here;D. and to YOU, better fuck off! "the shortest word i know is "I", the sweetest word i know is "LOVE", the only person i can think of is "YOU"."

and now. i guess im having a crush on you. and yea. mann. u got me thinking. i know ure hurt. so much indeed. seeing me with him is bad enough. wat if im attacted to him. youre not moving away from this at all. not even an affort indeed. im blank. i feel lyk a slut as long as youre around bcos i always see myself hurting you more and more for making this. i know you have been pretending all tis while tat ure okay. with everything. our situation right now. but im telling you. i can read from your body language tat youre forcing urself into this. i know hw much you love me. and how much i meant to you. but i cant do it anymore. nothing will make me change my mind eventhough how much i feel like i need you. by me. but wat i know is, im moving away from here. far away indeed. i cant simply act im okay when im not. and i guess, u shdn't too. tats why i need someone to come by and help me be happy as i cant stand the sorrows anymore. i cant. i hope and i want you to understand that. please. move on. that's all im asking from you my dear.

March 22, 2010

i hate today!

hey there. i got to tell you this. I HATE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cnnt tahan la. aiyo!!! and yea. so glad tat i knw things. seriously!!!!! so yea. decision made. actions thought. you're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gonna regret tis!!!!!!!!!!!! URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yea. btw. had boon lay got talent;D. so yea. one of the judges. huhu!!! so yea. cool show u guys. i love all 4!!! hahahhaha!! and yea. went for house prac. went gek poh. then THE END. huhu!

March 20, 2010

henderson. sister!!!

halo there!!!!!!!!!! 19 went to henderson waves with ihsan, mitot and aria. and mann..... its not a date!!!!!!! hahahha!!!!!! so yea. the day was damn fun!!! for me. haahhaha!! and yea.............. it was tiring!! hahahha! meet at 2.30. head to vivo. walked there. and yea. cant stop talking shit with ihsan. hahahhaha!! sampai drg complain. hahahhah!! and yea.... still didnt keep quite. hahahhaha!! then...... head back the same way. tot of taking 30. but aria in a hurry. so took mrt. walked from jp. aria took the bus. then ate at KFC. and yea. head home!!! tats all....

while just now went to fetch dearest sister!!!!!!!!! huhu!!! miss you!!! so yea.... went to popeye after tat. ate. huhu. nice!!! hahahha!! then head back to jurong. satu2 half dead. all was slping. funny!!! hahahhaha!!! and yea....... reached home, down with fever. try to get to sleep. impossible. huhu!! and yea..................................... ended up doing homework-.-". currently watching scooby-doo!!! haahhahha!!! im done;D

March 18, 2010

birthday. him


we got a performance earlier on. at ngee ann city. and yea. BORING~... hahahha!! and yea. birthday boi came. he came as well. but he was late! hahahha!! then still can say tat it was a great performance. hahahha!! mann2. and yea. head back to sch. blah3. and yea. got home. SO SICK RIGHT NOW~