February 26, 2011

Mr B. :D

Believe me when I say this. Because I'm not lying. :). I tend to think of you most of the time. Just the thought of you can already make me smile. Imagine when I meet you or happens to bump into you.... It skips a beat. ^^.

Awesome day. :D


Today, went out with Zhen Han. ^^. I HAD A TREMENDOUS TIME TODAY! I was late by 40 minutes though. HEHE!!!! Despite the fact that I'm with you, I had a splendid time! :D. Heee!!! We went to City Link Malls. HAHAHAHA!! Literally! HAHAH!! It sounds tiring huh?? It is. :). For him. :P! HAHAHA!!! Firstly Marina Square followed by Suntec City. Then Esplanade Exchange. The other shopping centre I don't know the name. HAHAH!!! Then we head back to Jurong. Then, we eventually bounced back from Joo Koon and went to Jurong East. HAHA!!! Went to IMM. HAHAHA!! Walked there. Not tiring. Because you were there. :D. Teehee! Eventually, we seperated. He headed to Bukit Batok while I went home instead. :). Overall, I had loads of fun. :)

HEE!!! When I got to know your weakness, I can't stop disturbing you! :P! Tickling you is so fun. HAHAH!!! Seeing your reactions. SO CUTE! HAHAH!! And when you keep running away from being tickled, it made me want to disturb you more. HAHAH!! You look like this little cute guy when you laugh. ;D

GOSH! To be honest, this is what I look like just now. HAH!! I can't stop laughing!!! You're so cute! Your jokes are all so crappy! HAHA!!! But thats a good thing because I am crappy myself. HAHAH!! You make me feel like a kid. Laughing my heart out. HAHAH!! Your reactions just make me burst into laughters. HEHEHE! Didn't know that you're that crappy! HAHAH!! SERIOUSLY!!! Surprisingly, I've met someone who's crazy as me. HAHAH!!! I laughed too much that I needed a cheek massage. HAHAHA!!! But in conclusion, this is mainly the reason why I had an awesome day(apart from the fact that I'm with you. :). ). :D.

February 25, 2011


Please. Don't. I had enough of such pain. :/

Will you leave me like they do? :/

A turn off

04 March 2011;

To be honest, I'm not looking forward to this day. Don't ask me why. I don't know. Maybe, because of what's happening. I don't even think that its going to be a joyous day for me. It falls on a Friday is one thing. Dance ending at 6pm is already uncool. Adding to it, going to have Maths Test on Probability. Such a turn off..... Besides that, I don't think anyone will be home even if I got home early. As people will be busy with their own things. I bet. :/. Gosh....... Turning 16 should be a very exciting day for anyone. But for me, I guess there isn't much to look forward to. :/

Once you lie to her... :/

Once you lie to her & she finds out, she’s gonna wonder if you’ve been lying the whole time.
Once you lie to her & she finds out, she’s gonna wonder what else are you lying about.
Once you lie to her & she finds out, she’s no longer going to fully believe anything you say.
Once you lie to her & she finds out, she’s no longer going to fully trust you.
Once you lie to her & she finds out, good luck winning her trust back.

Merely disappointed.:/

Hmmmmm.... I know that I shouldn't post this. But I guess I have to. I got a feeling that you're merely disappointed with me? Hmmm.... I didn't know that it can lead to THIS. Gosh. Perhaps, I shouldn't have waited... Hmmm...

February 24, 2011


Nothing much to say. :). Turning 16 SOOOOOOOOONNNNNN. Gosh. So fast indeed. Next Friday.... What a turn off. HAIYA... Just hoping for the best. :). Dance will be ending at 6pm now on.... Gosh! Just hoping for the best... :/
P.s; you're the secret behind a my smile.;D. 

BORED= Random Post. :)

At times, you got this feeling. :)

HAHAHAH!!! Tell me about it! XD

Hmmmm... I hope I wont have to say this and type this one day. :/

Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Your pick. :P

Please. Don't let this happen.

So which one is my reply? :P

True that. :/

Kinda stupid? I know. But indeed, its true. :D


Weird fact indeed. ^^


Urr..... Okay. XD

Cool huh?! XD


I do care. ^^

HAHAH!!! Cool text indeed.

Always. :P

Been there. Done that. :)

True enough. :)


Just let it out. :D


I know what it feels like.

February 21, 2011

Computer Lab 4

Currently in Computer Lab 4 because Ms Azlina is not in school and we have no reading period!!!! :D. Btw.............. Just had a run through about the ICT thingy?? HAHAH!! Damn............ Irritating?? HAHAH!! But we're gonna have a test on it on 2 March. -.-. Seriously, what's the motive of such exam?? Test?? I dont know?? AHAHAH!! Just hope for the best! XD.