November 28, 2010

What's my name?

2010 American Music Awards

Dirty picture,

Too much.


Where do I go now? I'm not needed anywhere I guess.

For you. Its hard understanding me.

Even birds are in love.....

The problem with me. That caused us to end in a harsh way.

"Can I have this dance?"

Too much to say.

So yesterday

Come clean

Fuck it.

I love you Mum and Dad,

Rascal and Bp.

Knight Cycling.
Had a splendid time! Hee!! I still cant believe that I've cycled from Boon Lay to East Coast Park. Gosh. That's so far la! HAHAHA!! But we survived the trip! ;D. Hee. Cycled with Sis, Mee, Moo, Nai, Mitot, Yanty, Acah, Mann, Hilmi, Achit, Mus, Mus, Wan, Hafiz, Appy. Not tiring. Just sleepy. HAHAHAH!! Most of the time, was cycling with Mann. HAH!! Mee and Mann DANGEROUS!! HAHHAHA!! Mus GYLER!! HAHAHA!! In the bus sat with Mann. HAHAHAH!! But I slept. HAHA!! Was so damn sleepy. From OBS sumore. HAH!! Went home with Sis and Mus. Chit Chat with Acah in the bus.... Hmmmmmmmm........ Wasted huh? HAH!!! Nothing can be done. HAHA!! Reached home, slept. HAHAH!! Woke up at 5pm. HAH!! Slept again at 10pm. MOTION SICKNESS~. :/. HAHAHAH!!

November 26, 2010


You will never be able to discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Hey there folks. I'm back from OBS. I'm telling you that I have loads of fun. There are so much things being thought to me. I am so glad that I actually went to camp. I never had experience such fun plus tiring. But I'm telling you. It was so hard for me to leave Ubin just now. Knowing that there is a task that is not achieved. I'm sorry Arfan. Should have hugged and thank you. But, I didn't know that actually that was the last time I'm going to see you before we leave. I waited for you after lunch. But you weren't there. Leaving Ubin with so much regrets. Simply thanks for everything Arfan.;D