April 30, 2011

For you;

Tomorrow, in a few minutes time, it's our second. :). I love you. :). And I'm sorry........

Just updating.

But it's kinda rare. :P. I think? HAHAH!!

Keep this in mind. :)


:D. Do you? :P


I think I know. :O

If only.... I would.

Eeemmmmmmmmmmmmm...... YUM!!

Nice one.

COOLLL!!! (But I don't like Oreo. :P)

Nicely said. ^^

April 28, 2011

Central Point.^^

A little catching up session yesterday at Central Point. :P! HAHAH!!! Good times.... <3. Love you ladies. :)

A year ago. :P

I would like to dedicate this post for my dearest guy friend, Muhammad Rusydi Bin Mohammad Rafi. You're 17!!! Like finally!! ^^. I choose this picture mainly because it is exactly on the same date a year ago. :P. But this year, this change as we don't do birthday bash on the last year of school. :P. Secondly, it is also found in your new wallet that we bought for you!! :P. Hope you had a blast. ^^

Been too long. :P


Very much like that? HAH! Tell me about it.:)

Whoa. This ALWAYS happen. <3

Just wait for another bus. It's not gonna be that long. :P


You'll learn. :)

Sometimes, this is what happens. :)

Always. :)

What would YOU say to me? :)

YUMMY!!! Bake this for me Chef Huang! :P

I really think so too. HAHAH!!

YAH!!! Unlike me! HAHAH!!

These too!!!!!! Pretty please???!!! For breakfast. :P! So tempting!! :P! 



Sometimes this is what I felt. :/

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ^^. So cute!! :O

True that! :P

HAHAHAH!!!!!! -.-