July 23, 2011

Let it flow.

There is always friendship before love, but I don't think that there is friendship after love.

How about that? Hmmmmmm............ Let it be.
Note to myself; Don't think too much. 

July 14, 2011

Happy reading!!! HEHEH!!!

Random pictures that reminds me of him. ^^

Performance @ SCAPE; 10 July 2011

Farewell Party; 8 July 2011

Hey. Just wanting to say something. There's just too much to update. Prelims are nearing. CAs here and there. Everything is happening so fast. Really. Fasting month is nearing as well. Gosh. Prelims is during Hari Raya!!! OMG!!! HAHAHAH!!! Sacrifice huh? HAHAH!! So yea. Got a chocolate-selling-booth in our school today and the day before. Bought it for you. ;D. I'm not sure if that chocolate is nice. But yea. I hope you'll feel better. :). Today's moon is so gorgeous. :). HEHEH!!! And yea. Just updating on current status in Art. I got to work extra fast! :). Here are some events and pictures that occured and taken while I'm away from this blog of mine. ;D