January 30, 2011

Such a good way to end this month. ^^

Yesterday was Mr Salizam's Birthday Party!! ^^. Woke up around 7?? Amazing fact huh? I know. HAHAHAH!! Then went there early to help out with the decorations with Ms Shalini and Ms Izyan. Bought a purple rose for Mr Salizam. ^^. HEE!! Then after the party, went to Cik Ayu house. Change of plans... Followed them to Tampines instead of going to the event at Masjid. Got wet for more than................ IDK???!!! Ten??!! HAHAH!! Like seriously!!! Took lorry some more!! HAHAH!! Then went Ikea and bowling at Changi. Such a long day huh?? Agreed! Got home at...2.30?? Then bathed and SLEEP!! :D. Hee!! Had nine hours of sleep. Then woke up and get ready to go to library! ^^. Then when studying, suddenly blackout!!! Cool shit!!! XD. (Inside joke). HAHAHAH!!!

What the hell